Mexican Outdoor King Cotton Hammock

Mexican Outdoor King Cotton Hammock

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This cotton Mexican hammock provides comfort for up to 3 people. The diamond-like weave makes the hammock super strong and so comfortable you can easily fall asleep in it.

Perfect for hot summer days as the air is able to flow through the open weave design of all Mexican hammocks.

Made in Mexico by local artisans in small towns around Mexico.

Our Mexican hammocks are fair trade and authentic.

12 month guarantee on workmanship and materials.

NOTE: Hammock frame is not included but we have a beautiful Wooden frame, a robust Steel frame or Tree/Pole straps that can be purchased separately from this site.

Beyond The Label


Material: Hand made Cotton. Made in Mexico. Fair Trade.

Body Length: 1.9-2m

Overall Length: 3.7-3.9m

Hanging Distance: Around 3.4m. Use rope for longer distances

Holding Capacity: 250kg (up to 3 people)

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Colours: Choose your colour preference from a variety of vibrant colours.

Our Mexican Hammocks

The hammock is a symbol of summer, leisure, relaxation and simple, easy living. This makes them ideal for the Australian climate and lifestyle.

It's not only Central and South America that produce wonderful hammocks. Asia has long been a supplier of quality hammocks in pleasing styles.

Our Asian hammocks are made of colour fast cotton, and rival their Brazilian and Mexican cousins in terms of their quality.

Product Description

FREE SHIPPING! For a limited time only

If you would like to lounge luxuriously outdoors, you can do so enjoyably in the King Size Outdoor Cotton hammocks we have for you! These beautiful Authentic Mexican hammocks come in an assortment of colours and can accommodate up to three people while giving you complete support and great comfort. This is the perfect choice for when you love cozying up with your loved ones while enjoying the cool wind outside. It’s a refreshing way to relax.

This double hammock is made with special outdoor cotton—three to four times thicker than non-outdoor cotton hammocks. The great thing about our Outdoor Cotton Hammocks is just that, you can leave them outdoors. They are durable and weather resistant.

Mexican hammocks are known for being the most comfortable hammocks for the Summer months as they provide you with air flow while offering you a high level of support and comfort.

They can be used with the optional Tree Straps you can buy separately for a more convenient setup. If you prefer leaving it outside for extended hours, you can make these king-sized hammocks last longer by having the optional Hammock Protector, which protects the hammocks better from the elements while preserving their colours to last for more years!

This king-sized hammock can support weight of up to 250 kilograms and needs only a hanging distance of 3.40 meters. It comes in several colours including cream, combinations of green, shades of blue, rainbow colours, a Rasta theme, shades of green, and other bright combinations that can bring life to any outdoor area. Enjoy that gentle and relaxing sway when you and your loved ones snuggle up in this luxuriously soft Mexican hammock!

To give you peace of mind when purchasing from Hammock Centre we offer a 12 month warranty that comes free of charge with this Hammock.

NOTE: Hammock frame is not included but we have a beautiful Wooden frame or a robust Steel frame that can be purchased separately from this site.


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